YAF 2019 in a nutshell

  • Number of participants: 40;
  • Demographic profile: 18 – 25 (the 11th and 12th grades, Bachelor and Masters programme students);
  • Date: May 20-25, 2019;
  • Location: Bucharest, Romania;

     – Opening ceremony: Ministry of Foreign Affairs;

     – Project’s activities: Mușat&Associates;

  • No participation fee;
  • Accommodation: Arcca Vitan student dorms;
  • All prospective participants have the responsibility to cover their transportation and meals and to obtain their visas for entering the European Union;

Our educational partners

  • The Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
  • The Royal Family of Romania;
  • The Fund for Peace, Washington D.C;
  • The Romanian Red Cross;
  • The International Organization for Migration, the Romanian Office;
  • The UN Refugee Agency, the Romanian Office;
  • The World Bank, the Romanian Office;
  • The Romanian Youth Delegation to the United Nations;
  • The Romanian Youth Delegation to the European Union;
  • Kinedok;
  • The British Council;
  • The Embassy of the Republic of Croatia in Romania;
  • The Embassy of the Russian Federation in Romania;
  • The Embassy of Denmark in Romania;
  • The Embassy of Spain in Romania;
  • The Embassy of the Netherlands in Romania;
  • The Embassy of the Kingdom of Sweden in Romania;

Our confirmed speakers

  • H.E. Mr. Manuel Larrotcha PARADA, Ambassador of Spain in Romania;


  • H.E. Mr. Valery I. KUZMIN, Ambassador of Russian Federation in Romania;


  • H.E Mr. Davor VIDIŠ, Ambassador of Republic of Croatia in Romania;


  • Mr. Arthur den HARTOG, Deputy Head of Mission of the Embassy of the Netherlands in Romania;
  • H.E Mr. Søren JENSEN, Ambassador of Denmark in Romania;


  • Daiana ANDREIANU, International Relations and Programmes Management Director, The Red Cross, Romania;


  • Dr. Luciana GHICA, Associate Professor, Faculty of Political Science, University of Bucharest;


  • Ms. Gabriela LEU, public information/communications associate at the Romanian Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees;
  • Dr. Alina BÂRGĂOANU, dean of the Faculty of Communication and Public Relations within the National Faculty of Political and Administrative Studies;


  • Ms. Elena NAGY, former military in Afghanistan;
  • Ms. Raluca NEGULESCU-BALACI, Executive Director at Policy Center for Roma and Minorities;


  • Dr. Beatrice ONICA JARKA, Associate Professor, ”Nicolae Titulescu” University, Public Law Department;


  • Tatiana PROSKURYAKOVA, Country Manager for Romania and Hungary in Europe and the Central Asian region;


  • Ms. Andrada Cristina BABA and Mr. Aurelian MOHAN, the Romanian Youth Delegates to the United Nations 2018;



  • Ms. Denisa BRATU and Mr. Gabriel UIFĂLEAN, the Romanian Youth Delegates to the United Nations 2016;



  • Ms. Francesca-Maria CRISTEA, Romanian Youth Delegate to the European Union;


  • Jean-Philippe ANTOLIN, Sr. Emergency Preparedness and Response Officer, the International Organization for Migration, Geneva;
  • H.E Simona MICULESCU, Director of the United Nations Office in Belgrade.