Young Ambassadors Forum

Young Ambassadors Forum is a context conducive to discussions and debates related to global issues. It has the format of a conference within which you, together with other 30 students from around the world,  will debate your role in the new global pattern, bringing into discussion problems deeply rooted in the incapacity of the existing decisional structures to solve or at least alleviate them.

YAF will thus create a context in which the recommendations of the  UNSCR 2250 can be actively applied, in conjunction with the 2030 Agenda and its 16th Sustainable Development Goal – Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions. In addition, the 8th Objective of the EU Youth Strategy  – Youth & the world – and the Europe 2020 Strategy – Youth on the move – are also the basis of our work.

OUR VISION is to transform the aspiring students into inspiring leaders, who participate integrally in developing new structures for our society, with a view to entrenching democratic governance, finding innovative solutions to global challenges and fostering a culture based on peace and respect towards diversity.

OUR MISSION could be summarized in the following objectives:

  • Encouraging youth to become drivers for change;
  • Facilitating the creation of a context in which youth can get involved in debates, focused on their interests and needs;
  • Fostering the assimilation of knowledge shared by both our participants and the speakers alike;
  • Offering the opportunity to debate globally fundamental problems;
  • Promoting global awareness, critical thinking, peace and conflict resolution and how efficient communication and social responsibility can impact the evolution of society;
  • Catalyzing the exchange of ideas with a view to producing a real impact on the international arena;
  • Encouraging youth towards acquiring global citizenship;
  • Developing their potential.