What we intend to do in this edition

This year’s topic is “DEFENDING AND BEING DEFENDED IN THE 21ST CENTURY: FREEDOM AS THE SUPREMACY OF HUMAN RIGHTS” which will focus on  two concepts that are not so familiar to the Romanian projects’ framework: international humanitarian law and advocacy.

Throughout six days, 3 dimensions will be addressed:

  • DEFENDING AS “A WAY THAT RESPECTS AND ENHANCES THE FREEDOM OF OTHERS”, in which you will be introduced to the concept of advocacy, a tool which becomes incrementally important for understanding the dynamics of the decision-making process. You will have the opportunity of participating in interactive workshops intended to equip you with a set of practical prerequisites for acting like a real advocate – advocacy techniques, campaign strategies, campaign execution, resorting to rhetoric etc – and to instill in you the value of working for protecting based on the 5 P’s: peace, people, partnership, planet, prosperity.
  • BEING DEFENDED – RESILIENCE AS A TOOL FOR TURNING TO EACH OTHER AND NOT ON EACH OTHER, in which we will explore together the basics of IHL through theoretical lenses, as well as current situations connected to the humanitarian sphere.
  • THE WORLD WE ENVISION – UPHOLDING HUMAN RIGHTS CLOSE TO HOME, the resolution in which you will have the opportunity of putting into practice your own ideas regarding how humanitarian issues could be better approached.